Logistics solutions

TMBCL develops logistics solutions for transporting rolling, project and the entire spectrum of general cargoes through the ports of Novorossiysk, Taganrog, Rostov, Sochi, Kavkaz, Iliychevsk and Poti. Complex solutions include the assessment of stevedoring costs, customs transit and land transportation through a network of subcontractors whose quality we can guarantee.

Budget estimates for sea transportation are a key element of our consulting for TMBCL clients. The choice of a port of transit for the cargo, risk assessment of freight market volatility in light of seasonal changes in demand, analysis of political risks (for ports of Abkhazia and Crimea) and evaluation of the competitiveness of liner and tramp solutions for regional maritime logistics, are just a few examples of the knowledge we share with our customers.

Active participation by TMBCL in designing solutions for complicated cargoes transported to Russia and the CIS, experience in working in a range of freight market segments and expert knowledge in project/Ro-Ro shipments, enable us to offer our clients an effective service portfolio at affordable prices.