Agency agreements

TMBCL acts as commercial agent to the following ocean carriers in Russia -
Neptune Lines
Neptune Lines - a Ro-Ro service connecting hubs in Derince and Piraeus with the ports in Africa and Near East. As a PCTC operator, the company delivers over 1 million of cars to its customers each year.
Ceekay Shipping
Ceekay - an NVOCC operating with a fleet of 5000 specialized containers from India to 40 countries. The company actively offers delivery of FCL cargoes from Mumbai to Novorossiysk via slot agreements with the container liners.
RollDock - one of the largest operator of semi-submergible RoFlo ships in the world offering cargo operations of unit weight within 500-4500 metric tons via a ship’s ramp. The company utilizes its owned SPMT units for loading and discharging of cargoes where shore facilities fail to offer a safe solution due to weight limitations.